How I healed cavities naturally

Update: How I healed my daughter’s teeth naturally


It’s been a few years since I wrote a blog post about how I was able to successfully remineralize my daughter’s cavity, but I am continuously asked for details of what I did and how I did it and I am so glad that others are able to connect with me and get the resources they need on this topic. I am by no means an expert at all, this is only my story and comes from the research that I did on this topic and an amazing oral health advisor who helped me in my journey!


The Background Story of my daughter’s problem teeth:

At the age of 3, my daughter started to develop a tooth carie in both of her back molars. I did a ton of research on tooth decay and natural options for healing teeth natural and it led me to the book, “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel. Around the same time, I also happen to connect with a blogger friend who was interested in natural cleaning products and wanted to try them out. I met up with her (we were strangers at the time!) and found out that she was a dental hygenist who started her own business to help others improve their oral health and do it naturally, without chemicals! You know how God just surprises you sometimes and puts the right people in your life just when you need them… this was one of those moments!! So I asked her 1,000 questions and started her “21 Days to a Healthy Mouth” Program and was so anxious to learn from her! And wow did I learn a lot! Like most cavities aren’t from SUGAR, or not BRUSHING! What???!!! It has more to do with saliva and unbalanced pH in the mouth, etc… WHAT? I clearly had a lot to learn! You can check out my original post here and her program information here!

Through the Healthy Mouth program, research and the book I was reading (the book was great but I followed the information loosely, I didn’t make all of the recommended changes), I attempted to make some changes in our routine to avoid that dreaded dental office chair for fillings!


Changes I made to build healthier, stronger teeth:

Thankfully, the changes work and I believe made a noticeable difference in her teeth and not only did her tooth remineralize, it was stronger and harder than her other teeth! The dentist thought the cavity was still there until she checked it out further and it was completely solid! Hallelujah! Here what I did!


  • I limited the amount of starchy carbohydrates like crackers and bread
  • Limited snacks to only certain times as opposed to all day snacking
  • Added a daily Calcium/Magnesium natural supplement that contained Vitamin D3
  • Increased my daughter’s intake of her Multi-vitamin which contains Vitamin D3 and Xylitol. I love that the Shaklee vitamins contain xylitol and help her teeth health as opposed to vitamins that are high in sugar, high fructose corn syrup and the gummy options can actually stick in the teeth – Food for Thought! 😉
  • Switched our butter choice to a grassfed option for additional vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin K, my favorite is Kerrygold Butter. Trader Joe’s and Costco have it the cheapest that i’ve found.
  • I used a LOT of that Kerrygold Butter! A lot! Like slathered it on everything I could for Haylee while we were trying to heal her teeth. Bone broth and grassfed meats are also a great option and filled with fat soluble vitamins!
  • Started the  ’21 Days to a Healthy Mouth’ program
  • Started using the oral health products listed below


When we returned to the dentist, to my surprise, one of her molars had remineralized and the carie was completely solid. The other molar was still not as hard as we had hoped, although better, so I decided to go ahead and get that tooth filled. I was excited to see that even a small amount of time and a few changes did make a difference, even if just a little.

UPDATE: Along with the above regimen, adding xylitol during the day after meals (like the Ice Chips listed below), the sulcabrush listed below and and all of the tips from the 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth program, there were 3 problem areas that the dentist was watching and one was still decayed from before the last visit that had already remineralized, Haylee has not had any cavities or concerns for the last 3 years! The dentist couldn’t believe how strong her teeth and said they look great!


Some favorite things that I learned and tried from the 21-day Program:

1.  My favorite discovery during the program was the Sulcabrush! Where has this miracle cleaner been my whole life and why hadn’t a dentist shown this to me before!?! It is such a simple little tool but a powerful one and it’s a deep cleaning tool that gets into the crevices of your teeth and massages your gums. It is perfect for children’s teeth because you can get into the tiny crevices where food gets stuck and decay often happens. My teeth and gums looked instantly cleaner and healthier when I started using this!


gum2. The Deep Clean Gum toothbrush that was included was a great change and so much more effective than other toothbrushes that I have seen. There are special bristles to get in between your teeth and really do a great job with an overall clean. I definitely noticed a difference, especially once Carrie showed me exactly how to use it properly!

UPDATE: We have since switched to the SoniCare children’s toothbrush and are really happy with it! It does a great job cleaning the teeth!


ice chips, xylitol, oral health3. Xylitol was also included in our kit and Carrie shared how it can help promote saliva in the mouth and as a result, may lower your risk for cavities. I started giving this to my daughter and have recently discovered “Ice Chips”  that are a Xylitol based candy that is a sugar free way to keep your breath fresh and teeth healthier. I love this stuff and it’s so addicting because it’s so delicious!



4. For my daughter’s teeth, Carrie recommended the Squigle Tooth Builder toothpaste. It’s Xylitol based and doesn’t have a flavor so she doesn’t mind the taste. Occasionally we use other toothpaste but always add this to it or usually just use this by itself. It’s a little expensive but I believe played a big part in helping heal my daughter’s cavity.


5. Gumchucks! These things are so much fun and easier for flossing! They allow you to get around the tooth into the gums in the proper “C” shape that is supposed to happen when you floss. They are surprisingly easy to use and great for hard to reach teeth!


*All of the information that I provided is my own personal opinion and I was not compensated, nor do I get any compensation for any of the product links in my post.

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