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Is Your Spring Cleaning Polluting Your Home?


It’s that time again! Time for Spring Cleaning! Time to do some deep cleaning, remove settled dust and debris and take steps to make sure that our home is tip-top shape!

What if your Spring Cleaning is actually polluting your home and creating a less healthy home for your family to live in? If you are still using traditional cleaning products and laundry products throughout your home, you may actually be increasing the level of toxic fumes and VOC’s (harmful fumes that are bad for your health!) in your home!

Traditional cleaners have been linked to asthma, allergies, reproductive problems, behavioral issues, birth defects and more!


So just in time for Spring Cleaning, I thought it would be a great idea to Spring Clean your cabinets and Clean House of Toxic Chemicals before you do your actual Spring Cleaning! Below are 6 easy steps to give your home a healthy home detox and breathe a little easier!


By the way, choosing safe and natural products doesn’t mean you have to give up a powerful and effective clean! My cleaners work even better than the traditional ones and save time and money!! Interested, check them out here!


Does “Green” or “Natural” mean safe?

Not always and unfortunately, not usually! Fancy marketing, greenwashing and unregulated labels leave us more misled and confused than ever when it comes to making a healthy and truly safe choice in products.


Here are the Clean Credentials that I look for when choosing my products:

  • Non-Toxic
  • No VOC’s (this is a MUST for me!)
  • I skip anything that says “Hazardous, Caution, Danger”… you get my point here!
  • Concentrated (saves me money)
  • Biodegradable (good for the planet)
  • No synthetic fragrances or phthalates

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