Has Food Become More About Frustration Than Fulfillment?


Do your cravings ever overpower your desires?

I am really excited to share my experience over the next 6 weeks as I blog my way through redefining what cravings really are, how and why they take over and what things in life we should really be craving! I know this is a long way from my usual healthy home and cleaning blog posts but I am excited to be blogging alongside other women about this incredible journey to experience what being Made To Crave really means and how I runner, jogger, woman, fitness, healtham integrating it into my healthy, get fit journey!


So… going back to our desires and our cravings…

Let’s say it’s Monday and you want to lose weight, so you have “started” your usual diet again but someone brought chocolate cupcakes into work to share, or you planned out your whole day of healthy eating but you ended up having a really stressful day and the ice cream in the freezer is just calling your name and the thought of eating starts to melt away some of that stress, or maybe like me, you have the best of intentions to eat healthy and work out and then life happens and by Tuesday, you’ve thrown in the towel and just given up because life is busy and hectic and crazy and it’s all just too much! That about sums up the definition of how I let insignificant cravings control me at my weak moments.


Day after day, week after week, with silent excuses, I sit here wishing that I was as healthy, fit and skinny as I was before I had my daughter years ago.

I am a wife, mother to a four year old, work full time, have my own business, and attempt to keep our lives organized and our home clean. At the end of the day, the easiest and least stressful thing for me to do is to grab food that is quick and easy so we can eat dinner, spend time together and get to bed at a decent hour. Wishing I could pull it together to live life to the fullest, healthy and energized, and take pride in my daily choices. I had a program to get me back on track and help me lose weight the healthy way, but I needed more than just the how to, I needed the motivation to start it and stick with it and the reason to keep going when I felt like giving in.


Then I came across the book, Made To Crave!


I have read several of Lysa Terkeurst’s book and I love how honest, relatable and encouraging Lysa is in her writing. I am excited to discover what it is like to crave something worthy of being craved over insignificant and selfish cravings and to take the energy and desires that I am putting into food and putting into a much greater purpose. God created us to crave things in our lives, but He wants us to crave the right things that will benefit our lives and honor the deepest desires of heart and becoming more like Him.


Just because something is permissible doesn’t mean it is beneficial to us.

That statement is so powerful, I encourage you to read it again. Just because I can eat the extra dessert, or I can get food from the fast food drive-thru, or just because it’s easier to make a convenient choice over a healthy one, doesn’t mean that it is beneficial. I am grateful that God gives us choices in life, some big and some small, but I am empowered to choose something that is permissible, or I can choose something that is beneficial. There are many times when I make an easy choice and don’t truly think about the true desires of my heart. What I need to be asking myself is, “How much do I really want that brownie? Do I want it more than the desire to be healthy and confident and in control of my cravings?”

Over the next 6 weeks, I will be sharing my journey through Made To Crave as well as my healthy journey and I encourage you to join along! You can access the Made To Crave Bible Study HERE and make sure to leave a comment below if you can relate or have insight to share with us!


I will leave you with some of my favorite key points from Chapter One of the book:

  • “Truth is powerful. The more saturated we are with the truth, the more powerful we’ll be in resisting our temptations.”
  • “It’s not the how-to i’m missing. It’s the “want to”… really wanting to make changes and deciding that the results of those changes are worth the sacrifice.”
  • “It is easier to make excuses than changes.”


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