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Guest Blog Review! Get Clean Using Natural Non-Toxic Cleaning Products!


Natural and Organic aren’t words that are usually correlated with saving money. However, on rare occasions, they go hand-in-hand. Add in some natural and organic products that actually clean better than the toxic and DIY alternatives and that deserves a little bit of a celebration!

Monika at Life With Lovebugs offered to try the Get Clean non-toxic cleaners that I am always raving about. She was used to using some DIY options around her home so I was very excited for her to see how effective the Get Clean cleaners can be. I love when people try out these cleaners for the first time because along with empowering other women and moms with safe and powerful cleaners, I always love to hear what people really think of the products.


You can read the entire review and see her Before and After photos on Life With Lovebugs!





“The first thing I cleaned when trying these products was my large glass doors that go from my kitchen to the backyard. These get the most usage in our house and are covered daily with food, fingerprints, dirt, mud, and whatever else my kids get their little hands on. Cleaning these door usually take at least 20 minutes with Windex. It took all of 5 minutes to clean with the Basic H2 solution. I was blown away! And it cleans so well, my son even ran into the door when it was closed because it was so clean and streak free!”


“I call the Basic H2 De-greaser my Sunday Savior. Every Sunday my husband likes to make BLT’s and the aftermath is my worst nightmare – gross bacon grease everywhere! I used to dread cleaning up the stove. But, now this de-greaser works like magic! All of that grease just wipes off. I can’t even explain how fantastic it is!”


“The Scour Off even got rid of old stubborn stains with no problem, and I also noticed that I now have to clean the toilet less! I mean, really – no matter what it costs, if I have to clean the toilet less then I’m sold!”

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