Cleaning My Stove Without Toxic Fumes!

The act of cleaning your stove without a traditional heavy duty degreaser may make you cringe at the thought of all of the elbow grease it will take to get those burnt on residues off of your stove. My stove was really dirty (as you can clearly see!) and I purposely did not to clean my stove for a couple weeks so you can see exactly how well these cleaners work with little effort!
Degreasers, stove cleaners and oven cleaners are on the top of the list of the most toxic cleaners in your home. Toss them all and replace them with one multi-purpose cleaner like the Scour Off that will cut through just about any mess in a matter of minutes.
What I used:
  • Basic H2 Degreaser spray
  • Scour Off all-natural scouring paste (my favorite product!)
  • Scrub sponge – I love the sponges with the green scouring side for scrubbing


How I cleaned it:
With greasy and stuck-on messes, I spray down the area with the Degreaser spray bottle and let it sit for about 5 minutes (or longer if needed). Then I add a generous amount of water to my sponge, and dab it into the Scour Off and start scrubbing. The Scour Off should get very sudsy as you are scrubbing and it should go a long way. If not, add more water. Less is more in most situations.
Can you believe that it took barely any scrubbing at all! The Scour Off is the most amazing product and it’s made from cherry pits so it even smells delicious! I just love these products so much, can you tell?! 
For other posts and pictures about Scour Off, click here.
For more information on how to get your hands on this amazing scouring paste, check out my Shaklee Website.

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