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Cleaning a Child’s Car Seat Naturally


Usually when it comes to milk and juice splatter, a mismatch of ground in crackers, cheerios, and in my case, a melted crayon, not to mention, the days when your child’s upset stomach gets the best of them and everything they have eaten for that day ends up all over their lap and the car, the last road many moms would want to go down would be the search for how to get this disaster out of their child’s car seat without the use of strong… did I say, very strong… heavy duty, top of the line cleaners. Along with most of those very strong, industrial cleaners, come very strong, industrial chemicals that you nor your child should be exposed to.


I want to share with you how easy it is to say goodbye to your traditional cleaners and clean your child’s car seat naturally, without the harsh fumes or chemical residue. You can actually clean your entire car, inside and out using just one product, the Basic H2 Organic Cleaning Concentrate! But I will save that secret for a future post! :) What I love the most about using highly effective and safe products is that I don’t have to worry about the stains that pile up in the car seat or the toxic fumes! These stains have probably been here for at least 4 months, but I never doubt that they will come out!

I love this Recaro car seat! It’s very durable, safe and I love that it’s pink!!


carseat before


carseatbefore stains


The Non-Toxic Supplies Used:

carseat base


How To Clean It:

  1. I removed the car seat cover from the car seat so I could wash it. This was very easy to do and just took about 2 minutes.
  2. I vacuumed out the car seat base
  3. For any areas that needed extra cleaning, I used a Basic H2 wipe.
  4. I wiped down the entire car seat and straps with the Germ Off disinfectant wipes.
  5. I threw the car seat cover in the washing machine with a small amount of the non-toxic Get Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent, washed it and then put it in the dryer.


I always love how new and clean my daughter’s car seat looks after I clean it! All of the stains on the cover are gone and it smells so fresh and clean! Let’s hope it lasts for longer than a week! :) But if not, I have an easy remedy!


Check Out the After Photos:






Do you have questions about how to clean your child’s car seat naturally? Let me know in the comments below!

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