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I tried it! 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth Program Review



When I met Carrie from Natural Gumption, I was super curious and anxious to hear more about her business that was created to help others take charge of their oral health and keep their mouths feeling great!

I am pretty familiar with all things “natural” and have done an extensive amount of research when it comes to healthy living but natural oral health care left me feeling lost and honestly, quite hopeless. Similar to other transitions into healthier, more natural living, there are many contradicting reports, studies and data that can leave many with their head spinning. What one person says is healthy, another person says is harmful.

Then I met Carrie at Natural Gumption and that feeling of overwhelm and hopelessness started to subside! Her philosophy is about preventing the issues in the first place and fixing oral health issues naturally by getting to the root cause. I even called her one day when I was in excruciating pain from a crown that I had just gotten fixed by my dentist. She asked me a few questions and then explained what she thought was the problem and ways I could alleviate the pain immediately and exactly what to explain to my dentist when I went back to see him. Her tips worked and my pain finally subsided. I am so grateful for her help with any oral health issues that arise, she directs you to exactly what steps that you need to take!


Carrie explains what Natural Gumption is all about:

carre-ibbetson-rdh-sm“I’m Carrie Ibbetson, an oral health care coach and consultant with over twenty years of experience in the dental field. Natural Gumption was born out of my love for empowering my clients so that they can finally take charge of their oral health and keep their mouths feeling great! We see our teeth every single day. We’re raised to believe that brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist are all we need to do to take care of them. But if that were the case, so many of us wouldn’t be suffering from swollen and bleeding gums or needing expensive, painful deep cleanings.”


My Background Story of my and my daughter’s problem teeth:

I have had my fair share of fillings and two root canals, promising myself that I will never forget to brush and floss again to avoid being back in that situation in the future! But then my daughter at the age of 3, started to develop a tooth carie in both of her back molars. I have previously read the “Cure Tooth Decay” book by Ramiel Nagel and had attempted to completely change my daughter’s diet to try to repair and remineralize my daughter’s teeth to avoid fillings, but the extreme diet was very difficult to stick to to say the least. However, I tried quite a few things in hopes that it would help.


Changes I made to build healthier, stronger teeth:

Thankfully, I did implement a few things that did stick in our routine and what I believe made a noticeable difference in her teeth based loosely on the “Cure Tooth Decay” book and other findings:

  • I limited the amount of starchy carbohydrates like crackers and bread
  • Limited snacks to only certain times as opposed to all day snacking
  • Added a daily Calcium/Magnesium natural supplement that contained Vitamin D3
  • Increased my daughter’s intake of her Multi-vitamin with Vitamin D3 and Xylitol
  • Switched our butter choice to a grassfed option for additional vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin K, my favorite is Kerrygold Butter. Trader Joe’s and Costco have it the cheapest that i’ve found.
  • Started the Natural Gumption ’21 Days to a Healthy Mouth’ program

When we returned to the dentist, to my surprise, one of her molars had remineralized and the carie was completely solid. The other molar was still not as hard as we had hoped so I decided to go ahead and get that tooth filled. I was excited to see that even a small amount of time and a few changes did make a difference, even if just a little.


UPDATE: Along with the above regimen, adding xylitol during the day after meals (like the Ice Chips listed below), the sulcabrush listed below and and all of the tips from the 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth program, there were 3 problem areas that the dentist was watching and one was still decayed from before the lat visit that had already remineralized, Haylee had no cavities at her dentist visit. The dentist couldn’t believe how strong her teeth and said they look great!


The start of my oral health transformation:

I was desperately in search of a great natural toothpaste that didn’t blow my budget but was highly effective in cleaning my teeth. I also wanted to take whichever steps I needed to to help strengthen my daughter’s teeth but I really struggled with not knowing what the best products were the best to accomplish that. So Carrie suggested that I start by participating in her “21 Days to a Healthy Mouth” Program! I was excited to get started as the program was full of promises and changes that I couldn’t wait to experience and a healthier mouth and my whole family joined in!

natural gumption


The 21-day program was a mix of fun, new tools and products to try out for a healthier mouth and the best part was the helpful instructional videos, tips and examples of exactly how to properly clean your mouth, brush your teeth, clean your tongue, floss and everything in between! If you think that you already know how to clean your mouth properly but are still experiencing cavities, have sensitive teeth, dry mouth, bad breath, buildup, etc. I challenge you to try Carrie’s program! You will be amazed at how much you didn’t know about your own oral health and probably a bit frustrated that your dentist didn’t share this with you already!


Here’s what Carrie says the 21 day program delivers:


“Say goodbye to bleeding gums, cavities, sensitive teeth, build up, and stain and hello to fresh breath, healthy gums, a big high five when you visit the dentist and better overall health as well.

Finally, there’s a program to teach people how to take care of their teeth and gums at home and break out of the cycle of disease, all without making you feel ashamed or not good enough. I believe that you can do it. And I’m here to help you thru the process.”

With the program, I got a daily email that often included an instructional video from Carrie that was easy to understand and implement right away. I loved the kit that was delivered! It was full of goodies to get started right away and my four year old daughter was so excited to have a light up Strawberry Shortcake toothbrush and special toothpaste and tools that came delivered just for her!


 Some favorite things that I learned and tried from the 21-day Program:

1.  My favorite discovery during the program was the Sulcabrush! Where has this miracle cleaner been my whole life and why hadn’t a dentist shown this to me before!?! It is such a simple little tool but a powerful one and it’s a deep cleaning tool that gets into the crevices of your teeth and massages your gums. My teeth and gums looked instantly cleaner and healthier!


gum2. The Gum toothbrush that was included was a great change and so much more effective than other toothbrushes that I have seen. There are special bristles to get in between your teeth and really do a great job with an overall clean. I definitely noticed a difference, especially once Carrie showed me exactly how to use it properly!


ice chips, xylitol, oral health3. Xylitol was also included in our kit and Carrie shared how it can help promote saliva in the mouth and as a result, may lower your risk for cavities. I started giving this to my daughter and have recently discovered “Ice Chips”  that are a Xylitol based candy that is a sugar free way to keep your breath fresh and teeth healthier. I love this stuff and it’s so addicting because it’s so delicious!



4. For my daughter’s teeth, Carrie recommended the Squigle Tooth Builder toothpaste. It’s Xylitol based and doesn’t have a flavor so she doesn’t mind the taste. Occasionally we use other toothpaste but always add this to it or usually just use this by itself.

To check out more about everything Natural Gumption has to offer or to contact Carrie, visit I highly encourage you to also check out the 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth Program on her website!


*All comments and opinions are my own and no compensation was provided in exchange for this review. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnosetreatcure, or prevent any disease

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