Welcome to my Eco-licious Mama blog created to help you create a healthier home! Becoming a mom and having a baby changed everything for me! One of my favorite mommy "Ah-ha" moments was when I realized that there were harmful every day products in my home that was harming my family, lowering our immune system and preventing us from being our healthiest selves and I could easily do something about it! In the midst of my research and new revelation, I fell in love with some amazing natural products that are safe for my family and have followed my passion to helping other moms get rid of toxic chemicals in their home and create a healthier home and life for their family!

Creating Healthy Homes

How clean is your house really? I’m not talking about sparkling countertops and floors you can eat off of, i’m talking about the air inside your home that you and your family breathe. A five year study conducted by the EPA found that pollutants from household products made the typical American home two-to-five times more […]

Healthy Kids

It is our mission to help empower kids and families in their journey to a healthier life by taking small steps that lead to big change! One of the ways you can join us in our movement to health is to join our Healthy Kids Club and become a Shaklee Kid! —– Behold the power of Shaklee Kids! […]

Moms Empowering Moms

We are a passionate group of women, moms and friends who are excited about helping other women build a successful future and create their healthiest life with the work and life balance we all deserve. Dare to dream, be bold, and take action! Your success is up to you, we just give you the means to get there! Have […]


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